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Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

sonia jajoo reviewed Top Gun Self-Defense & Fitness
via Facebook

Top Gun Karate is the best place to learn karate and self defense. It is a very hands on experience that the kids love. Soke Tony Morrison is an amazing Instructor and he loves what he does. I highly recommend Top Gun Karate..give it a try and you won't regret it!

Julienne Kawai reviewed Top Gun Self-Defense & Fitness
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Really enjoy taking my son here. Classes are always good and he really likes it. Not just good martial arts but also good character building!

Matthew Bloom reviewed Top Gun Self-Defense & Fitness
via Facebook

Holy heckaroni, where do I even begin with this place? I've been attending Top Gun Karate for fourteen years now (currently a 4th degree junior Black Belt), and the experience has been nothing short of exceptional. Actually, "exceptional" doesn't do it justice! The instructors are fantastic (Soke Tony Morrison. No further justification necessary.), the classes are informative, and sparring is 52 varieties of amazing. I could go on, but then where's the fun in it? You'll just have to see for yourself why this place is so marvelous!

If I could give this place six stars, I'd ask to give seven. I cannot sing this place's praises enough. Top Gun Karate has, and I do not exaggerate, changed my entire life and wordview. It's changed me as a person in the best possible way. In short: Why have you not signed up yet?

Hany Tawfick reviewed Top Gun Self-Defense & Fitness
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One of the BEST martial arts schools in the country! I highly recommend this school for children and adults!

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Are You Tired of the Same Cardio Workouts?

Come See Results and Have Some FUN.

Are you ready to feel empowered, lose weight, and get your health back on track? Fitness Kickboxing will leave you feeling ready to take on life.

Not only will you be burning through calories, but you will be having fun with a group of like-minded people. Our group-oriented approach will have you feeling motivated and also keep you inspired throughout our workouts.


Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

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5 Fitness Tips to Boost Workout Results

Are you dealing with

Any of these troubles?

You have a hard time sticking to a workout plan, you are extremely busy, and your energy levels are down.

You’re tired of running and walking on treadmills and stair steppers and you know you should be improving your health, but you don’t know what’s the best way.

You look at yourself in the mirror and know you can be better and feel like you are in a rut.

Forming Healthy Workout Habits is difficult!

Which is why we offer Fitness Kickboxing…

We recognize the flaws and mind-numbing boredom that can come along with some other gym-bound activities. Here at Top Gun Self-Defense & Fitness, we have designed classes to work your butt off, but it will feel effortless because of how much fun you will have and how engaged you will feel with other participants. Even better, unlike aerobics class, the moves in Fitness Kickboxing have some real-life application. As you punch, jab, and protect your face from an imaginary attacker, you’re learning to protect yourself. By practicing these simple self-defense moves in our fun atmosphere, you will gain a greater sense of empowerment and self-confidence.

This will not be easy, but once you start to see the results, you will begin to get that sexy, empowering feeling back that you have been desiring.

Results and growth with every class!

Essential Fitness & Health Benefits

In today’s world, there are too many products and services that make us inactive. Even at our jobs, we are prone to sit, or remain motionless, for long periods of time. We must keep our bodies moving to remain physically and mentally healthy.

See for yourself the many health benefits Fitness Kickboxing has to offer…

  • Stress relief
  • Full body workout
  • Increased flexibility
  • Muscle toning
  • Increased heart rate
  • Improve balance
  • Improve coordination
  • It’s FUN!

Come see for yourself what our Fitness Kickboxing class at Top Gun Self-Defense & Fitness has to offer.

Self-Defense from Potential Attacks

Have you ever felt threatened, or maybe had the fear that you were going to be attacked? It’s common in today’s violent world and a fear we want you to overcome. There is no better feeling than possessing a skill that can save you, or a loved one.

Although you will never directly spar with another participant, we will be teaching you techniques that you can use to fight off any attacker.

Whether that be a stranger on the street, the local thugs, or a trespasser in your home, you will be equipped with the skills to effectively keep you and your loved ones out of harm’s way.

Empowerment & Self-Confidence

Let’s face it. We all reach points in our lives when we feel in a rut, lose focus on our priorities, and possibly lose some confidence and self-respect in the process. Here at Fitness Kickboxing, we are devoted to give you that boost you need to start looking at you and your life in a healthier way.

Our workouts are challenging, but when you push yourself and get through them, you will feel like you can take on any of life’s challenges.

There is no greater feeling than overcoming a challenge, or meeting a goal. Our classes, along with our tight-knit community, will help you reach workout heights you never thought you could!

Be a Part of a FUN, Welcoming Community

No matter who you are, our Kickboxing family will immediately welcome you if you are a part of our class. We appreciate and respect each other because we all know the challenges of starting Kickboxing. Growth is a process, and we are in this together.

We design our classes to be FUN so that it makes getting healthy feel effortless. Our group leaves their day’s worries at the door!

The environment in our classes is one you can be sure to meet plenty of friendly people who are all working towards a certain fitness goal. Come join us in one of our upcoming classes, and we promise you will feel like part of the family.

The best workout ever!

Pam Podaras Perulli

The best high energy, calorie burning, body sculpting workout.

Debbie Smooha Feith

I had the pleasure and the honor to work for Soke as a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu instructor. The guy is one best person I have ever met in my life. Always trying to help others whenever they need and his students absolutely loves him. He is a great Martial arts instructor as well. He has over 30 years of experience. He also has a real gifted teacher. He brakes the moves down in a way everyone can understand. If anyone is near his gym and wants to learn Karate or Krav Maga do yourself a favor and go check out Top Gun Karate. You will not be disappointed!!!

Fabio Lima

Top Gun Karate has changed my life. Thanks to Soke Tony Morrison for his motivation and encouragement not to give up, I've lost 60 lbs and have kept it off for 4 years now. His workouts are challenging and fun at the same time. If you're looking for a great workout that gives you results, Soke Tony Morrison is the person to train with! I was so happy with him, I decided to sign up my 3 children to take karate with him too. Not only does he teach them self defense and self confidence, he also teaches them life lessons that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Top Gun Karate has become our second home.

Sandy Ely

Amazing workout. Great martial arts. Top notch training!!

William Sylvia

Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

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5 Fitness Tips to Boost Workout Results


More Benefits

Discipline to work hard and follow through with setting and accomplishing goals.

Feel a sense of personal accomplishment.

Empowerment & self-confidence.

An ongoing desire for self-improvement and learning.

A sense of family and community.

Relieve stress.

Improved mental focus and clarity.

Developing a habit that promotes health, wellness, and prosperity in the mind and body.



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